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Tangent Group International

Tangent Group International

Project Management Systems

The outrageous expense of maintaining office spaces and office managers all over the globe really doesn't make sense in today's digital age and having a physical office in every major city in the world doesn't doesn't really benefit the client at all.  In order to stay ahead of our continued growth, it became obvious that the best option was investing new technology to maximize the overall management capacity of our supervisory personnel and track every aspect of our projects in real time.  We were unable to find a commercially available software or system that was even close to meeting our specifications.  So we designed and developed our own, proprietary system - Overwatch® Project Management Systems.

Overwatch® project management systems allows us to streamline our internal operations, expedite our workflow efficiency, enhance our team connectivity, and reduce overhead.  From the customer onboarding process, through job staffing and personnel tracking, reporting, and on to invoicing and payroll, we have simplified and even automated many of our processes and procedures.  When you combine the time savings and vastly improved capabilities with the reduction in unnecessary and often redundant management costs, Tangent is able to provide a superior product and value to our clients .

The Overwatch® system is completely mobile and secure so we can manage and modify your projects in real time from virtually anywhere in the world.  From start to finish, we can access, activate, and alter any of our clients' projects at any time of day or night.  This technology, coupled with our virtual GSOC, enables us to manage our projects from multiple locations at all times to prevent service disruptions.  Tangent Group is Always On.


We've cut top-heavy management and facility costs and invested in technology and personnel to provide a seamless and affordable customer experience.  By integrating top-quality personnel with our proprietary project management technology, we can monitor and oversee our personnel on any job anywhere in the world in real time.  This also provides our clients with current situational awareness and the ability to contact us 24/7 for status updates and changes.

Data Security

We take security very seriously - and not just at our client's locations.  We have taken exhaustive measures to ensure that data relating to our clients, our employees, and our affiliates remains secure at our own locations.  We do not permit general public access to our buildings whatsoever.  We monitor all movements throughout our premises through CCTV cameras 24 hours a day.  After hours, we employ night vision and thermal cameras, motions sensors, glass-break sensors, and other measures to alert us and the authorities of any attempted intrusions.

Our network security and monitoring techniques are designed to provide multiple layers of protection and defense. We use firewalls to prevent our network from unauthorized access and undesirable traffic.  Our systems are segmented into separate networks to protect sensitive data.   We use a distributed grid architecture to shield our system and services from the effects of possible server failures.  All the components of our platform are redundant and our systems and data storage are duplicated on various servers located on multiple continents.  Additionally, we use various local security gateways to ensure device-level redundancy.  This prevents single-point failures in the internal network.

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