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Tangent Group International

Our main HQ facility is built 6ft above street level and is rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. It is equipped with a 65kVA backup generator capable of running our operation at full capacity indefinitely without an electrical supply. Satellite internet and phone backups are in place to take over during potential cellular or data failures and all information from our clients, agents, and vendors is processed and stored off site through our HIPAA compliant systems.  We have made these preparations in an effort to provide consistent, quality service to our clients.

We are also equipped with storm response vehicles set up to traverse over 3ft of water and UAV's (drones) enabling us to inspect possible damage to client locations and provide security coverage immediately after the storms and before the roads are clear for most vehicles. We can also restock  supplies for your personnel who are stationed at locations out in the storm-damaged areas that may not have basic services available nearby.  Please don’t hesitate to call on us if you need support.

Emergency Response and Command Survivability

The safety of your executives, employees, and assets is paramount in any situation, and a proper security plan is the key.  Enterprise Security Risk Management is our key to gain and keep the advantage in your security plan.  We offer Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, executive residence assessments, site security assessments, security plan auditing and more. Many companies look at risk in one dimension.  This can leave out potential threat factors and lead to disaster.  Our complete risk perspective takes many dimensions of risk into account and gives a more accurate representation of the overall situation.  Tangent Group can help you get on the right track.

Risk Management and Assessments

Given the constant rise in potential security threats, management personnel shouldn’t put themselves at risk when dealing with potentially unstable or violent employees.  When considering the termination of a single employee or a reduction in workforce event, don't forget to consider the risks.  There is no excuse for property losses or liability injuries due to poor planning and poor risk management.  Tangent Group can help you manage a proper security deployment and keep everyone safe.

Hostile Terminations and Layoffs

The need for close protection services is at an all time high and continues to rise in today's world. Assault, kidnapping, protests, and workplace violence are just a few of the many potential threats that executives and high net worth individuals can face.  With our capabilities in human capital deployment, Tangent can help you maintain your daily routine and performance without the constant worries and unnecessary risks.  Our protection personnel are trained using methods adopted from government agencies including military, police, the U.S. Secret Service, and the U.S. State Department.  Our executive protection officers can be armed or unarmed and can be utilized overtly as a visual deterrent or covertly to blend in.  Whether you need protection  24/7, for travel, or just at the workplace, Tangent Group has a solution.

Executive Protection

Secure Ground Transportation

The most common time for successful attacks on an at-risk individual is during movement.  To and from the car or on the road is when you are the most vulnerable.  Tangent Group can provide you single vehicle secure transportation or multiple vehicle motorcades to help prevent and survive these attack attempts and keep you and your family or associates safe.  This isn't just a chauffer service.  Our drivers are licensed protection agents and are experienced in multiple route planning, situational awareness, and evasive driving.  Whether it's a day of important meetings or a night on the town, let Tangent Group keep you safe during your travels.

Corporate Security

Tangent Group has carried our focus on excellence in executive protection into our corporate security services. Our officers are extensively trained in customer service, protection, first aid, crisis management, and more.  We train our officers to integrate into your day-to-day operations seamlessly without causing discomfort in the workplace.  Assigning your employees to a job that should be done by trained security personnel puts them at risk, lowers productivity, and exposes your company to huge liability.  From access control to pandemic screening to active threat mitigation, Tangent Group can manage the front lines for you.

Our Services

Tangent Group's comprehensive array of services and management expertise position us as an industry leader in security service solutions.  By integrating top-quality personnel with our proprietary project management technology, we can monitor and oversee our personnel on any job anywhere in the world in real time.  This also provides our clients with situational awareness and the ability to contact us 24/7 for status updates and changes.

We have in-depth experience providing rapid deployment responses in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and protest/civil unrest scenarios.  When alarms are down, power is out, or structures are damaged, we can help secure your facilities and lower your overall exposure to loss.  Our ability to mobilize an immediate personnel response with reliable processes and procedures puts you ahead in the recovery game.  Losses encountered due to property theft, looting and vandalism AFTER a destructive event can far exceed the original damage.  Even while rebuilding is ongoing, we are there to secure your property, materials, and personnel.  Tangent Group can put a stop to your losses.

Disaster Loss Mitigation


Tangent Group spent the majority of 2020 working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Hospitals, banks, wholesale centers, grocery stores and many other businesses have stayed open throughout these challenging times.  We've acquired a great deal of experience in assessing the potential COVID-19 exposure by means of identification, evaluation, and control of pathogen transmission factors in the workplace. We have also developed and implemented mitigation measures to make the transition back into the workplace as safe as possible.   We can assess your facility and help you to establish policies and procedures to address known or suspected pathogen transmission pathways and for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.  Tangent Group can help make your company's return to work as safe as possible.

Pandemic Protocol Enforcement

The workplace isn't the only place where executives and high net worth individuals can be at risk.  It is inevitable at some point that risks and threats from the workplace can spill over to personal residences - especially when many of us are working from home.  Most residential property ownership records are public domain and can be found quickly with a little research. 


Don't let your executives or your family become compromised or harmed under the assumption that personal homes are a safe haven.  Cameras don't always catch the bad guys and they certainly don't protect anyone from harm.  If you need a physical deterrent and trained protection professionals, Tangent Group can help protect your personnel and assets no matter where they are.

Estate and Residence Security

Tangent Group has FAA certified drone pilots and top quality UAV's able to provide 4K video of your site.  We can provide you video files without the need for your personnel to be on site.  If you need a site survey for security assessments or video documentation of disaster aftermath without putting your people in dangerous situations, give Tangent Group a call.

Drone (UAV) Security and Damage Assessments

Celebrities aren't the only ones in the media and film industries that are at risk of attack from the public.  Threats can present themselves from any corner or crowd in the US or abroad.  Shootings, controversial topics, politics, jury verdicts, etc. can trigger reactions from individuals and groups in disagreement.  On-air talent, interviewees, the production crews, and even the physical new stations have been attacked and harmed during their normal course of work.  

Whether static or mobile, Tangent Group will watch over your entire crew and keep the filming site(s) secure.  

Media and Film Security

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