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covid 19 response
pandemic response

At Tangent Group International, we look at security as an ever-changing environment.  We are always identifying new threats and how those threats can harm our clients or their businesses.  Individual threats, locale threats, weather threats, and yes, even viral threats.   

With this new COVID-19 coronavirus threat, keeping our clients healthy is only a part of the problem.  The impact  this may have on their businesses is exponential and previously unforeseen for most security professionals.  We have been called upon by our clients across many industries for help during this crisis.  Banking, grocery, pharmacy, medical, fueling stations, and more have been effected directly by the public's panic and adverse reactions to this situation.  Screening patients and staff, maintaining occupancy load, and crowd control are just the tip of the iceberg.  Many of our clients possess valuable inventories of essential medications and supplies that would be prime targets for theft or robbery if left unsecured.  Putting that responsibility on an unqualified and unlicensed employee is not only irresponsible, but it creates a huge legal liability to the business.  

Tangent Group International provides licensed and trained officers suited to perform the task effectively and legally.  We also carry insurance that far exceeds the State minimums that most companies carry.  Don't create a legal problem trying to solve a security problem.  Call Tangent Group.  This is what we do.


Take a few minutes and look over the various professional protective services we can provide and then contact us today to see how we can help you!  It's business hours somewhere in the World all the time. We're Always On®.​

Pandemic Response

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