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Tangent Group International

Tangent Group International has developed a vast network of strategic partners across the US and abroad to provide continuous and reliable executive protection and corporate security coverage for our clients without the extra costs.  


Why pay for offices in places where you do very little business?  We asked ourselves the same question...

Tangent Affiliate Program

The outrageous expense of having office spaces and office managers all over the globe really doesn't make sense in today's digital age.  Alternatively, we chose to invest in creating new technology to enhance our team connectivity, expedite our workflow efficiency, and maximize the overall management capacity of our personnel.  


We've also taken a different approach to security coverage by developing a network of affiliate companies that we have vetted and built relationships with over the years.  These companies assist us on the staffing and management of our jobs in their licensed areas and in turn, we assist them with their needs in our licensed areas.  This keeps costs lower, quality higher and allows us to provide a better overall product to our clients at a better rate.

If your company is interested in joining our affiliate network, please send us an email to  Include the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Your Company Name

  • Company Full Address

  • Website

  • Phone Number to contact you

We will contact you to discuss the possibilities. We do vet our affiliates, so be prepared to answer operational and financial questions and provide additional information about you or your company as requested. Thank you in advance for inquiring!

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